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Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing Facilities

Our commitment to quality begins with the selection of raw materials, which meet our strict guidelines for alloy and dimensions. Each product passes through a stringent quality assurance process at each manufacturing stage to ensure that only products, which meet our standards, are shipped to our customer. Having a presence in the international market, since our inception, has instilled in us the values of not only top quality but also the importance of providing the best service to our customers. We are committed to timely deliveries and the quick turn around of lead-time in the development of new products. Based on the forecasts and schedules of our customers we carry stock of products in various stages so as to ensure against any urgent and unforeseen requirements. Our customers, are our top priority and our most important asset, and we are dedicated to fulfilling their every need in the field of decorative & builder's hardware


Sand Casting:

We have pit furnaces for small to medium runs of castings in brass, copper & aluminum.

Stamping & Forging :

Mechanical Power Press are used for the manufacture of various sheet metal products and Friction Screw Press are used for various hot & cold forging and coining processes.

Polishing :

Our skilled work force hand finish each piece using traditional buffing & polishing machines, besides use of barrel & vibratory machines. Certain intricate designs that require individual attention are run through the hands of our skilled artisans for hand filing & engraving operations.

Finishing :

All our products are given a protective coating, either with a clear lacquer or an electroplated finish.